ExtraMag Amino Beads for immobilization of proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, glycoproteins and glycolipids

ExtraMag Amino beads are amino functionalized magnetic particles designed for the immobilization of bioactive molecules for sample preparation, proteomics and immunoassay applications.

  1. Covalent binding of the ligands with carboxyl groups using carbodiimide as cross-linker
  2. Immobilization of proteins and peptides
  3. C-terminal coupling of peptides
  4. Covalent binding of aldehydes or ketones
  5. Covalent binding of carbohydrates, glycoproteins and glycolipids

  1. Superparamagnetic particles with high magnetization
  2. High density of amino groups on the surface
  3. Reduced nonspecific sorption
  4. Fast and simple protocols

Pack Size, ml REF Price, €
5 MB-EMA-5 20
10 MB-EMA-10 40
50 MB-EMA-50 150
100 MB-EMA-100 270

Concentration 25 mg/ml*
Composition γ–Fe₂O₃–SiO₂–NH₂
Surface functional groups –NH₂
Concentration of funcitonal groups 1.2 mmol/g
Bead type Controlled aglomerates of nanospheres
Average particle size 1 μm
Sedimentation stability 3–5 min
Time of full magnetic separation < 1 min**
Magnetization type Superparamagnetic
Magnetization value ~40 emu/g
Storage conditions 2–8 ºC
Transportation conditions 2–25 ºC
Shelf life 24 months
* Can be supplied in any concentration (up to 200 mg/ml) on request
** Depends on the isolation conditions; magnetic rack is recommended