IDA-Ni Resin for metal-chelate isolation of proteins

ExtraMag IDA-Ni Resin are based on polymer particles poly(GMA-co-MBA) with IDA (iminodiacetic acid) used as a chelate ligand for the metal-chelate isolation of proteins in columns and spin-columns.

  1. Purification of the most common antibodies
  2. Purification of phosphorilated and recombinant His-tagged proteins

  1. Can be used in native and denaturated conditions
  2. Reduced nonspecific sorption

Pack Size, ml REF Price, €
5 MB-IDA-Ni-5 On request
10 MB-IDA-Ni-10 On request
50 MB-IDA-Ni-50 On request
100 MB-IDA-Ni-100 On request

Type 50% suspension
Composition poly(GMA-co-MBA)
Surface functional groups IDA (iminodiacetic acid)
Average particle size 30-60 μm
Capacity ≥ 45 mg of protein tagged with polyhistidine*
Storage conditions 2‒25 ºC
Shelf life 12 months
* Depends on conditions of isolation and specific substance