IDA-Ni-M Beads for metal-chelate isolation of proteins

ExtraMag IDA-Ni-M beads are based on magnetic core with polymer shell from poly(GMA-co-MBA). IDA (iminodiacetic acid) is used as a chelate ligand.

  1. Purification of the most common antibodies
  2. Purification of phosphorilated and recombinant His-tagged proteins

  1. Superparamagnetic particles with high magnetization
  2. Reduced nonspecific sorption
  3. Can be used in native and denaturated conditions
  4. Can be used for manual isolation on the magnetic stand and for isolation with automatic stations

Pack Size, ml REF Price, €
5 MB-IDA-Ni-M-5 On request
10 MB-IDA-Ni-M-10 On request
50 MB-IDA-Ni-M-50 On request
100 MB-IDA-Ni-M-100 On request

Concentration 40 mg/ml
Composition γ-Fe2O3-poly(GMA-co-MBA)
Surface functional groups IDA (iminodiacetic acid)
Average particle size 2-10 μm
Maximum pressure 45 psi (3.1 bar)
Capacity ≥ 10 mg of protein tagged with polyhistidine*
Storage conditions 2‒25 ºC
Shelf life 12 months
* Depends on conditions of isolation and specific substance