Traptavidine Beads for binding biotinylated products

Traptavidine beads are based on magnetic particles grafted with traptavidine for binding biotinylated molecules, including antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids and cells.

  1. Binding antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids and cells
  2. Binding proteins
  3. Binding nucleic acids and cells

  1. Superparamagnetic particles with high magnetization
  2. High protein capasity
  3. Reduced nonspecific sorption

Pack Size, ml REF Price, €
5 MB-T2-5 On request
10 MB-T2-10 On request
50 MB-T2-50 On request
100 MB-T2-100 On request

Concentration 10 mg/ml
Composition γ-Fe2O3-traptavidine
Ligand Traptavidine
Average particle size 1 μm
Binding capacity 700-1000 pmol of free biotin*
Storage conditions 2‒8 ºC
Shelf life 12 months
* Depends on conditions of isolation