LibPrep beads for size-selective DNA extraction

LibPrep magnetic beads are designed for size-selective isolation of DNA fragments.

  1. Preparation of DNA libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS)
  2. Purification of PCR products

  1. High selectivity
  2. Fast and simple protocols
  3. Compatible with different types of automatic stations for the isolation of nucleic acids

Pack Size, ml REF Price, €
50 MB-LP-50 220
100 MB-LP-100 400
500 MB-LP-500 1600
1000 MB-LP-1000 2880

Concentration 2 mg/ml
Composition γ–Fe2O3–SiO2–COOH, Binding Buffer
Surface functional groups –COOH
Concentration of funcitonal groups 1.2 mmol/g
Bead type Controlled aglomerates of nanospheres
Average particle size 1 μm
Sedimentation stability 3–5 min
Time of full magnetic separation < 1 min*
Magnetization type Superparamagnetic
Magnetization value ~40 emu/gм
Storage conditions 2–8 ºC
Transportation conditions 2–25 ºC
Shelf life 12 months
* Depends on the isolation conditions; magnetic rack is recommended